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Nicole Bridger was founded on the belief that fashion doesn’t have to sacrifice a commitment to the environment. In order to create the best possible product, Nicole Bridger uses the finest ethically-sourced materials and dyes. We go to great lengths to track where our fabrics originate, and ensure that their production processes are both sustainable and socially conscious.

Nicole Bridger sources renewable and, in many cases, biodegradable fabrics from all over the world, including wool made in a GOTS certified factory in India, organic cotton woven in Portugal and linen grown in Belgium. Ninety percent of the Nicole Bridger line is manufactured right here in Vancouver, while the remaining pieces are produced in Fair Trade factories overseas.

During the design and crafting process, our commitment to the environment resonates in every detail, even the small ones. In order to avoid plastic, we use buttons made of Tagua Nuts from palm trees. These are durable and sustainable alternatives to traditional buttons, and their production provides an economic boost for the indigenous peoples of the Central and South American Rainforests where they’re harvested. Our labels use cotton instead of polyester, and our hangtags are made entirely of 100% post-consumer paper. Almost every Nicole Bridger piece can be washed at home, eliminating the expense and harsh chemicals used in dry cleaning.

Nicole Bridger’s Flagship Boutique is a stunning embodiment of the line’s commitment to the environment. Designed by New Leaf Interior Design, the Flagship Boutique uses renewable resources to create a contemporary and inviting space. The 100-year old douglas fir display shelves which encircle the boutique add warmth to the room. These solid wood shelves were converted from beams acquired at a church demolition site in Vancouver. During the store’s construction, the crew took measurable steps to reduce their carbon footprint. Lime plaster was used to re-finish the existing walls. Lime Plaster can be recycled, reused and also is resistant to mold and fungus, which increases the quality of the air when used indoors. Concrete floors with radiant heating limit the energy used to heat the store, all natural paint eliminated the risk of exposure to dangerous chemicals contained in VOCs and a 3-Form Varia Eco-Resin Chandelier from Vancouver’s Propellor Design serves as an eco-friendly focal point.