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By the time we are 7 most of our belief systems are already formed but what if they are keeping you stuck? 

I help you uncover the unconscious beliefs that have been navigating your life. 

I guide you to heal at them at the root and align your thoughts to your True self that will create the life you want.

1 : 1 Coaching

Private coaching on a weekly basis is the ideal for someone really ready to do the work and see the results. But it has to be whatever feels right for you, so I also offer on an as needed basis. Spending an hour 1 to 1 allows us to do the deep dive so you can see your stuff and move forward.

1 hour $150 CAD – In-person or WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom
In-person – 1 Month $250 CAD (contact to make reservation)
In-person – 3 Month $650 CAD (contact to make reservation)

Group Courses

Seeing our own stuff can be really tricky so group work can be incredibly powerful. I teach concepts and exercises while guiding each participant on their individual paths to healing. 

29 Days to Healing Belief Systems
Once a week for 5 weeks
2.5 hours – $250 CAD PAX In-person or Zoom

Online Courses

Group courses have been so powerful that I wanted to make them even more accessible. The online course is pre-recorded so you can do it in your own time when works for your schedule. You will receive a video each week where I teach concepts and exercises and you are assigned homework. For this to work you need to be self-motivated and many clients like to do a combo of a course with 1:1 when they need a bit more support.