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Sound Familiar?

You feel like you’re doing everything you can to feel “better”.

You’ve read the self-help books. You’ve thought positively, done gratitude journals, found your dream job, started a family…

But nothing really makes you feel the joy and love you want to feel.

You’re lost, tired, and feel like you’ve hit a wall.

I’m here to share that there is an answer: it all starts with you.

Hey There, I’m Nicole

I’ve Been There

To everyone else I was happy. I had created my dream company as an ethical designer, with my own store in Vancouver, magazine features, beautiful apartment and my amazing son. But I was lost, hopeless and overwhelmed. My company was always facing financial strain, on my own as a single mother with a dysfunctional ex husband, I felt joyless and I started facing serious health issues.

I was stuck and knew I needed a big change.

I found the answers in intuitive coaching. Suddenly I saw the root of my limiting beliefs and learned to shift them to start living the life I’d been dreaming of.

It’s made an amazing difference for me; I want to do the same for you.

Let Love Guide You

How Intuitive Coaching Works

Decipher The Differences

Learn how to separate your true self, from your engrained beliefs about what you should be. This is one of the first and most important steps to living more truly to yourself.

Undo, Reset & Clarify

Begin working on undoing your limiting beliefs, and reseting the way you approach life. Start feeling more joy, ease, and love as you align with your true self.

Create Your New Path

As you break free from what’s been holding you back, you’ll start to easily see and trust the path forward. Go from doubting every move to feeling clear and confident in your choices to create a loving life.

Join Nicole For This Weeks Podcast

A Weekly Session Of Intentional Healing

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1 : 1 Coaching

Work with me in person or by video chat.

Group Workshops

Join likeminded people on a similar journey.

Regular Webinars

What People Are Saying

“It was like putting on glasses after living my whole life in fuzzy blur.”

Before talking to Nicole, I thought I knew what I had to do and how I had to do it. But after chatting with Nicole, things started to come into focus. After the privilege of working with Nicole for a few short months, my perspective about almost everything in my life has shifted. I’m not a different person. I’m no less driven. But I feel like I’m running forward instead of running wildly in all directions, arms flailing.

“I feel powerful and trust myself to choose what I do and where I go.”

– Dr. Lisa Papania, PhD MBA
Senior Lecturer, Simon Frasier University